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Refrigerated containers, also known as reefer
containers, are designed to operate at temperatures between 80F and -18F. 
A wide variety of commodities can be stored in reefers including fresh fruits
and vegetables, fresh and frozen meats, poultry and seafood juices, dairy
products and eggs, frozen prepared foods, fresh juices and concentrates,
confectionery products, live plants and flowers, chemical and biological
products.  Perfect for businesses requiring climate controlled storage
such as food manufacturers and distributors, florists, grocery stores, schools,
or anyone with an immediate need for extra ground level temperature controlled

Reefer containers are available in 20 foot, 20 foot high cube, 40 foot, 40 foot
high cube, and 45 foot sizes.  The 20 foot HC reefers are
2009 remanufactured, and available in 230V and 440V.  The
230V reefers come with Haier units and the 440V with either Carrier or


20 foot and 40 foot ground storage containers are available for sale nationwide. We offer container delivery service to most areas via flatbed or tilt bed trailers. Special purpose containers and customized containers are also available.